Entropy Solutions develops shape-stabilized versions of 2 PureTemp PCMs03-Aug-2016

The "gelled" material maintains its shape even as the PCM cycles between solid and liquid form. ..

Vesl adds 4 high-performance containment options for PureTemp phase change material22-Feb-2016

MatVesl, CanVesl, TubeVesl and PackVesl are designed to transfer thermal energy efficiently in a wid..

Entropy Solutions joins RAL Quality Association PCM12-Jan-2016

The international group, formed in 2004, promotes the use of high-quality phase change material and ..

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PureTemp products



Bulk PureTemp

PureTemp phase change materials are designed to absorb and release large quantities of thermal energy at specific temperatures. Twenty-three PureTemp PCMs have been designated as 100 percent biobased by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's BioPreferred program. Our proprietary formulations and patented manufacturing processes yield superior results at cost-effective prices. See technical details on each PureTemp product.

Key properties include:
  • Heat energy storage capacities that average 200 J/g
  • Over 200 unique phase change transition temperatures between -40° C and 151° C
  • Consistent, repeatable performance over thousands of thermal (melt/solidify) cycles
  • 100% renewable
  • Produced from agricultural sources, not petroleum
  • Readily biodegradable and nontoxic


Macroencapsulated PureTemp

Designed for a wide variety of applications, MatVesls are multi-layer barrier film packages, hermetically sealed and able to withstand long-term use. This sample is 11 inches x 42 inches, each weighing approximately 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds). Available with PureTemp 8, PureTemp 18 and PureTemp 28. No other sizes or temperatures are available, and quantities are limited.

  • Multiple layers for MVTR and O2TR protection.
  • Hermetically sealed to prevent leakage or intrusion

PureTemp fabric


PureTemp-treated fabrics provide an effective buffer against ambient temperature swings. In consumer products such as jackets, pillows and gloves, the PCM-enhanced fabrics interact continuously with the unique microclimate of the human body, storing and releasing heat to balance body temperature and increase comfort in any climate, any time. Our material, derived from sustainable sources such as plant oil, is nontoxic and biodegradable.


The process of coating small amounts of phase change material, from 10 to 1000 microns, is called microencapsulation.

The three basic forms:
  • Powder: Particles of PCM are encased within a shell and immersed in a water solution. The water is then removed, leaving a powder of encapsulated PCM.
  • Cake: Particles of PCM are encased within a shell and then immersed in a water solution. Most of the water is removed, leaving a cake that is 30% water and 70% solids.
  • Slurry: Particles of PCM are encased within a shell and then immersed in a water solution. Some water is removed, leaving a slurry that is about 60% water and 40% solids.

Microencapsulated PCMs are sold to manufacturers for use in high-performance textiles, adhesives, bedding, flooring, paint, roofing and electronics. Contact one of our containment partners, Encapsys or Microtek Laboratories, for information on microencapsulated PureTemp.