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New PureTemp formulations aimed at shipping, transportation industries


Entropy’s PureTemp® thermal energy storage technology provides temperature solutions for leading shipping companies to safely and efficiently ship medical devices, food, and pharmaceuticals.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota -- Entropy Solutions, Inc., a bio-based specialty company, today announced the addition of several PureTemp formulations specifically developed for the shipping and transportation industries. These new formulations of Entropy’s bio-based PureTemp phase change materials (PCMs) bring new solutions to domestic and international shipping companies tasked with ensuring that temperature sensitive food, pharmaceuticals and medical devices arrive safely and cost-effectively at their destination.

Entropy is partnering with companies who are integrating PureTemp technology, a 100 percent renewable phase change material, to capture, store and release thermal energy at specific and critical temperatures into building & construction, textiles, automotive, medical, food & beverage and refrigeration products.

ThermoSafe, the world’s leading provider of life science temperature assurance packaging, is employing Entropy Solutions’ PureTemp thermal energy storage technology to address and solve customer specific temperature requirements. These new formulas are enabling ThermoSafe to engineer packaging products to address critical, never before met needs within the life science industry. A biotechnology company focused on cancer treatments, turned to ThermoSafe and PureTemp to develop a container that would provide exacting temperature control when shipping their genetically altered DNA.

“By incorporating PureTemp20 into our advanced design, we were not only able to deliver a temperature sensitive package which was small and cost effective to ship, but met our customer’s tight temperature requirements which weren’t possible until the development of PureTemp20”, said Prakash Mahesh, vice president of marketing and business development for ThermoSafe. “PureTemp has changed the game. We’re now producing smaller, lighter shipping containers with significant total cost savings and improved product safety assurances.”

“PureTemp20, in the hands of our industry-leading engineering team, has enabled us to develop a solution that allowed a medical device manufacturer to ship temperature sensitive products requiring tight temperature tolerances for 72 hours,” said Ken Maltas, vice president of engineering for ThermoSafe. “Our more precise PureTemp panels can reduce shipping container sizes by more than 30 percent, increase shipping durations and reduce transportation costs by up to 70 percent.”

The benefits of PureTemp extend beyond pharmaceutical and medical shipments. Entropy is in the final development stages of transportation blankets that will provide necessary thermal protection without requiring temperature controlled vehicles. These thermal blankets, incorporating PureTemp 15, will provide temperature protection for wine during the extreme summer and winter months – seasons where shipments have been cancelled due to inability to control product temperature. Entropy is also collaborating with one of the nation’s largest produce transport companies, who is using PureTemp12 on designs that will begin drawing down produce temperature immediately after it is harvested – extending the shelf life of produce, such as strawberries, by 40%.

“PureTemp technology is instrumental in maintaining product efficacy and safety,” said Steve Skallerud, Entropy’s vice president of sales and marketing. “Through the continuous development of new PCMs, we are enabling manufacturers to better control temperature in every step of the supply chain. To this point, the focus has been on secondary and tertiary packaging. However in the future, microencapsulated PureTemp will become a vital temperature control component of primary packaging in food and pharmaceuticals.”

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About Entropy Solutions, Inc.

Entropy Solutions is a bio-based specialty company with its global headquarters based in Minneapolis. Entropy seeks to advance the global quality of life through the development of renewable technologies aimed to reduce energy usage and eliminate waste. Entropy applies advancements in materials science to transform how we capture, store, transfer and use energy. Its PureTemp PCM technology is the world’s first and only 100 percent renewable-based phase change material. Entropy partners with leading product development companies to deliver renewable, innovative and cost-effective passive thermal energy storage solutions for the shipping, construction, textile, healthcare and alternative energy industries, among others. PureTemp innovation has received global recognition, including the “DuPont Diamond Innovation Award,” ”Presidential Green Chemistry Award,” “USDA Bio-Preferred Designation” and “Top Technology of the Year” honors.