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Greenbox is named 'Top Environmental Initiative' at Cool Chain Europe 2010


100 percent renewable, sustainable Greenbox thermal management system recognized as a top green initiative.

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. — Entropy Solutions, Inc., a thermal technology development company, has been awarded the “Top Green or Environmentally Driven Initiative” award by pharmaceutical trade association Pharma IQ. Entropy CEO Eric Lindquist accepted the award at the Cool Chain Europe industry conference in Amsterdam.

Entropy’s flagship product, the Greenbox® Thermal Management System, uses its patented Pure TempTM phase change technology to keep temperature-sensitive products at a consistent temperature for more than five days. Since its initial launch in 2008, Greenbox has revolutionized the cold chain-shipping industry by keeping temperature-sensitive items within a very narrow temperature range for extended durations of time, all while being 100 percent safe for humans and the environment.

Entropy’s PureTemp® is the world’s first and only 100 percent bio-based, renewable phase change material. It’s a specially engineered, feedstock-based derivative that controls temperatures to extremes – used in life science-related polymerization reactors (+150°C), and temperature sensitive packaging (-40°C) – for extended periods of time. PureTemp’s unique formulation is used in liquid, microencapsulated and macro-encapsulated forms, but for cold-chain applications, liquid is typically used.

Entropy took environmental protection a step further in 2009 by introducing PureTemp -40, the world’s first dry ice replacement. For the first time, companies such as Amgen have an alternative to carbon dioxide-emitting dry ice. PureTemp allows the life science industry to deliver their deep-frozen shipments without dealing with the potential pH altering effects that come with dry ice. Amgen was able to utilize PureTemp -40 and eliminate employee-handling issues, recognize reuse benefits not possible with dry ice and, most importantly, provide critically important temperature protection.

Greenbox provides pharmaceutical companies with essential thermal protection for life-saving drugs while dramatically reducing freight costs and packaging waste. Companies such as Walmart Specialty Pharmacy, Abbott Laboratories and Medtronic are using Entropy’s products to ship pharmaceuticals, biologics and blood supplies.

“Greenbox and PureTemp are changing the way life science companies do business, and we are honored to receive this recognition from the pharmaceutical and life science industries,” Lindquist said. “PureTemp has the ability to save and improve lives by shipping life-saving pharmaceuticals and advancing medical discoveries, such as the passive Embrace Infant Incubator, a low-cost incubator alternative for the developing world.”

Entropy also demonstrates its environmental leadership in the cold-chain shipping industry with a unique return and reclamation process. This process, which allows Greenbox products to be used again and again, was developed according to the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) strict life science compliance requirements. This was accomplished by establishing “Entropy Reclamation Centers” throughout North America and Europe – forming partnerships with some of the world’s leading logistics companies.

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About Entropy Solutions Inc.

Entropy Solutions Inc. is a thermal technology development company with its global offices based in Minneapolis, Minn. The company’s mission is to provide innovative, cost-effective, temperature-controlled packaging and shipping solutions for the transport and distribution of temperature-sensitive products throughout the world. Entropy Solutions’ Greenbox technology is an innovative and next-generation passive thermal breakthrough in cost-effective, highly efficient shipping containers, intended for cold chain operations. Using patented phase change technology, Greenbox is capable of maintaining narrow temperature ranges for record durations. The company’s primary focus is the life science, pharmaceutical and medical industries, where the ability to maintain global regulators’ mandated temperatures during the transport and delivery of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, biologics and blood products are crucial to saving lives and advancing medical discoveries.