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Entropy Solutions partnering on more than 200 PureTemp projects


Minneapolis-based technology company’s collaborative development efforts provide impressive safety results.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota — Entropy Solutions’ mission is to advance the global quality of life through passive thermal energy control. A tall order for an upstart bio specialty chemical company, yet one that is being achieved through partnerships with forward-thinking companies.

Entropy’s mainstay technology, PureTemp, is a portfolio of thermal energy storage materials that capture, store and release otherwise lost or wasted thermal energy at 200+ different temperatures. PureTemp is a 100% renewable based technology that is derived from agricultural sources, thus having a positive effect on the environment and lives. With the ability to “dial in” specific transition temperatures, PureTemp has the potential to improve the safety and performance of products that are critical in everyday lives.

Entropy is currently engaged in over 200 development projects with some of the world’s leading consumer and commercial product companies in the areas of building and construction, automobile, solar, medical devices, refrigeration, textiles and food & beverage. Just a few examples where PureTemp phase change technology is impacting lives today:

• Embrace Global, an innovative manufacturer of infant incubators, is utilizing PureTemp to help maintain critical body temperature in premature and low birth weight babies. In a short period of time since its release, Embrace has positively impacted over 2000 infants in developing countries. Embrace believes that this product can positively affect hundreds of thousands of lives.

• PepsiCo turned to Entropy to help develop a thermal solution for the delivery of temperature sensitive meals for their “Food for Good” program, a program designed to provide nutritional meals to underprivileged children. Food safety is of utmost concern to Pepsi who has delivered over 750,000 meals all within required temperature specification.

• Glacier Tek, the industry leading manufacturer of human and canine cooling vests, incorporates PureTemp across its entire range of products. Glacier Tek’s products have provided crucial body temperature management to over 10,000 military service personnel, cancer patients, and public service individuals.

• Cardinal Health, the second-largest distributor of pharmaceuticals, revamped its entire cold chain operation with the sole focus of improving drug safety. Cardinal developed an innovative reusable system using PureTemp that exceeds the strict temperature guidelines required by the FDA. This revolutionary approach has been used to safely deliver over 10 million temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals.

“Improving lives, reducing waste and saving energy is at the core of what Entropy is about,” says Eric Lindquist, chief executive officer of Entropy Solutions. “Our employees take great pride in being difference makers. There is no shortage of great ideas which can positively affect the world we live in, often times it is just a shortage of those willing to take the risk and drive change.” 

The potential applications utilizing PureTemp are widespread. The ability to passively capture, control or maintain thermal energy directly correlates to a reduced need for mechanically created energy. Entropy and third party testing shows PureTemp incorporated in automotive systems can improve engine performance; microencapsulated PureTemp incorporated in ceiling tile and wallboards reduces HVAC requirements; PureTemp used in refrigeration provides battery backup and less energy usage.

“If you consider how many things are impacted by temperature over the course of your day, you can begin to appreciate the magnitude and potential for PureTemp technology,” states Steve Skallerud, vice President of Sales & Marketing. “From the bed you sleep in, to the hot water used in your home, to the car you drive, the building you work in, the takeout food containers – the list goes on and on. Inevitably, in our first meeting with potential partners, there is a point where the light bulb goes on and they begin to realize the potential applications and benefits.”

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About Entropy Solutions, Inc.

Entropy Solutions is a bio-based specialty company with its global headquarters based in Minneapolis. Entropy seeks to advance the global quality of life through the development of renewable technologies aimed to reduce energy usage and eliminate waste. Entropy applies advancements in materials science to transform how we capture, store, transfer and use energy. Its PureTemp PCM technology is the world’s first and only 100 percent renewable-based phase change material. Entropy partners with leading product development companies to deliver renewable, innovative and cost-effective passive thermal energy storage solutions for the shipping, construction, textile, healthcare and alternative energy industries, among others. PureTemp innovation has received global recognition, including the DuPont Diamond Innovation Award, Presidential Green Chemistry Award, USDA Bio-Preferred Designation and “Top Technology of the Year” honors.