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Entropy Solutions partners with Encapsys to microencapsulate its PureTemp phase change material


Strategic partnership allows Minneapolis-based technology company to incorporate PureTemp material in an array of new applications.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota — Entropy Solutions, Inc., a bio-based specialty company, today announced a strategic partnership with Encapsys, a business unit of Appleton Papers Inc. Encapsys applies microencapsulation — the process of encasing a core material with tiny shells or capsules that are microns in diameter — to Entropy Solutions’ 100 percent renewable based PureTemp phase change materials (PCM). PureTemp is a thermal energy storage technology that captures, stores and reuses otherwise lost or wasted energy to maintain constant temperatures for extended periods of time.

“This partnership solves the biggest challenge facing phase change material users today, which is robust and reliable containment. Being able to offer commercial scale encapsulation in a variety of cover materials opens up an incredible array of consumer and commercial product applications of PureTemp,” said Eric Lindquist, Chief Executive Officer of Entropy Solutions. “Some of the world’s leading companies are developing innovative new products which incorporate microencapsulated PureTemp into everything from medical devices to HVAC and refrigeration systems.”

Microencapsulation is the key to applying PureTemp as a renewable energy resource across different industries, including packaging, construction and automotive. To allow for such a variety of applications, Encapsys tailors each microencapsulated PureTemp product to fit the manufacturing process and end use application.

“Our partnership with Entropy has enabled us to expand into a growing market which can benefit from the breadth of Encapsys’s microencapsulation technologies,” said Irenée Philippe, Group Business Manager for Encapsys. “We are excited at the prospect of expanding upon our success in developing and commercializing microencapsulated solutions for consumer and industrial products to include microencapsulated PureTemp. The combination of our technologies and knowledge produces game-changing options for end-markets.”

Derived from 100 percent sustainable sources, PureTemp is engineered to maintain more than 200 different transition temperatures with consistent, repeatable performance. It can be permanently encapsulated in virtually anything at nearly any temperature, while other PCMs are limited by temperature ranges and containment methods.

“The global PCM market is estimated to grow to $1.5 billion by 2015, and our partnership with Encapsys positions both companies to realize a significant portion of that growth,” Lindquist said. “Microencapsulated PCM will enable companies to solve many types of thermal energy related issues.”

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About Entropy Solutions, Inc.

Entropy Solutions is a bio-based specialty company with its global headquarters based in Minneapolis. Entropy seeks to advance the global quality of life through the development of renewable technologies aimed to reduce energy usage and eliminate waste. Entropy applies advancements in materials science to transform how we capture, store, transfer and use energy. Its PureTemp PCM technology is the world’s first and only 100 percent renewable-based phase change material. Entropy partners with leading product development companies to deliver renewable, innovative and cost-effective passive thermal energy storage solutions for the shipping, construction, textile, healthcare and alternative energy industries, among others. PureTemp innovation has received global recognition, including the DuPont Diamond Innovation Award, Presidential Green Chemistry Award, USDA Bio-Preferred Designation and “Top Technology of the Year” honors.

About Encapsys Microencapsulation

Encapsys is the microencapsulation business unit of Appleton Papers. Encapsys applies the company’s extensive knowledge of microencapsulation to develop and deliver custom microencapsulation solutions for its partners. Encapsys uses an open innovation process that typically involves development agreements with partner companies that seek to protect existing and potential intellectual property. Encapsys is exploring opportunities with potential partners in industries as diverse as agriculture, paints and coatings, food, pharmaceuticals, paper and packaging, textiles, personal and household care, adhesives and oil and gas. For more information, visit