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Entropy Solutions launches Greenbox to pharmaceutical industry


First-of-its-kind packaging technology keeps contents at consistent temperature for up to five days, eliminates spoilage and reduces distribution-related expenses up to 65 percent.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota -- Imagine being able to ship your most temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals via ground transport and any day of the week, even Fridays. Imagine being sure your temperature-sensitive payload has never been exposed to thermal shock or compromised in any way. Imagine more room for your payload, and up to 65 percent reduction in distribution-related expenses. Imagine meeting your corporate "green" initiative because your shipping solution is 100 percent environment-friendly. Stop imagining - Greenbox®, by Entropy Solutions Inc., has launched to the pharmaceutical market.

Greenbox is a first-of-its-kind temperature-management shipping system capable of maintaining narrow temperature ranges for extended durations of time - up to 120+ hours or five days (in comparison, competitors' packages typically max out at 48 hours), regardless of external environmental conditions. The Greenbox construction is key to its success. Using a durable plastic corrugated container, a unique combination of patent-pending phase change material (E-Packs), and Thermal-Lok® panels, which offer unparalleled resistance to heat transfer, Greenbox protects precious payloads from external cold or heat, even in extreme weather.

"Having worked in the cold-chain management and logistics field for more than 20 years, I can honestly say Greenbox is changing the entire shipping process," said Wayne Williams, executive director of Coldchain Technology Services. "It really works for us and our customers - it's simple, helps us stay within budget and we love the fact we can ship temperature sensitive product any day of the week."

In the past, shipping temperature-sensitive materials was costly, wasteful and inefficient. Traditional shipping components such as dry ice, gel packs and EPS (Styrofoam), were problematic, messy and harmful to the environment - EPS alone can take up to 1,000 years to decompose in a landfill. Entropy Solutions knew there must be a better way.

Now, Greenbox is changing the way the pharmaceutical industry does business. Focused primarily on the pharmaceutical, blood supply and biological markets, Greenbox enables customers to ship their temperature-sensitive goods with the confidence of knowing their package will arrive to its destination at the same temperature at which it was shipped.

Greenbox benefits the pharmaceutical industry in several ways, for example:

  • No spoilage: In the past, shipping temperature-sensitive drugs internationally, cross-country or even to outlying or rural areas has resulted in enormous amounts of drug spoilage. Because Greenbox maintains a consistent temperature for up to five days, the risk of spoilage is now virtually non-existent.
  • Any-day shipping: The majority of temperature-sensitive goods are shipped overnight express due to limited thermal protection with current shipping technology. Because Greenbox maintains temperature for up to five days, customers can ship ground - even on Fridays - resulting in a significant cost savings.
  • Greater payload efficiency: Greenbox offers twice the payload space over competitors because of its innovative and streamlined thermal management system - nanotechnology combined with optimal amounts of phase-change material.
  • Reduction in distribution-related expenses: Customers can save up to 65 percent on distribution-related expenses due to Greenbox's unique, reusable design. In contrast with typical "one and done" EPS systems, Greenbox can be reused again and again, with current customers experiencing up to 100 times of reuse.
  • Instant-pack protocol: Greenbox features a "no wait" instant-pack protocol - a simple five-step process allowing customers the ability to pack payload at its specified temperature without thermal shock.
  • Meet "green" initiatives: Many of today's leading pharmaceutical companies employ "green" initiatives and Greenbox is a perfect fit. It's the industry's first and only completely sustainable thermal packaging system, created with 100 percent recyclable, organic-based, non-toxic and fully biodegradable components. 

"We believe Greenbox can truly revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry," said Eric Lindquist, president of Entropy Solutions. "With the Entropy phase change technology at the core of our system, we're empowering the industry to ship life-saving drugs with more confidence than ever before, and save significantly on distribution costs while doing so."

Visit Entropy Solutions and Greenbox in booth 2031 at the American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists mid-year meeting, Dec. 2-6, 2007.

To learn more about Greenbox or to customize your own Greenbox system, please visit

About Entropy Solutions Inc.

Entropy Solutions Inc. ( is a thermal technology development company with its global offices based in Minneapolis, Minn. The company's mission is to provide innovative, passive, cost-effective, temperature-controlled packaging solutions for the transport and distribution of temperature-sensitive products throughout the world. Entropy Solutions' Greenbox technology is an innovative and next-generation passive thermal breakthrough in cost-effective, highly efficient shipping containers. Using patented phase-change technology, the system is capable of maintaining narrow temperature ranges for record durations. The company's primary focus is the medical industry, where the ability to maintain FDA-mandated temperatures during the transport and delivery of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, biologics and blood products are crucial to saving lives and advancing medical discoveries.