Entropy Solutions develops shape-stabilized versions of 2 PureTemp PCMs03-Aug-2016

The "gelled" material maintains its shape even as the PCM cycles between solid and liquid form. ..

Vesl adds 4 high-performance containment options for PureTemp phase change material22-Feb-2016

MatVesl, CanVesl, TubeVesl and PackVesl are designed to transfer thermal energy efficiently in a wid..

Entropy Solutions joins RAL Quality Association PCM12-Jan-2016

The international group, formed in 2004, promotes the use of high-quality phase change material and ..

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Entropy Solutions: Committed to quality, safety and transparency


Entropy Solutions is on the cutting edge of materials used in thermal energy storage. As a trusted supplier to countless end users, we are committed providing phase change material that you can trust in your applications.

Our team of scientists works daily to push our product portfolio in new and creative ways. Led by our organic chemists, we have formulated hundreds of PCMs. These materials are conceptualized from the start to meet our goals of stability, longevity and high performance in the most demanding applications.

Here are some examples of Entropy Solutions’ commitment to quality, safety and transparency.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

We have reworked our SDS library to the newest and highest standards. When you order a PureTemp material, you know what you’re getting. This applies to shipping, emergency response, handling precautions and everything you need to know about how to handle the material in the best way possible to avoid issues.

Material Compatibility

Who needs a material that is incompatible with standard containment solutions? Or your system, for that matter? For many of our PCMs, we have the answer. Failure of containment systems can result in poor performance or safety issues, depending on the application. Entropy Solutions is working hard to give you these answers.

Stability Data

Every commercial PureTemp material has been through a rigorous stability study. Thousands of freeze-thaw cycles are the norm, with full characterization of the material before and after.  This assures longevity and performance over time. We know how and why these materials break down, and what degradants may form as a result.

Physical Properties

Exhaustive testing of each material during the development stage as well as lot release criteria in our ISO 9000 certified laboratory means that you can be assured of consistency for every product we make. Our technical data sheets give you a quick glance at key properties that each of the materials have.

Environmental Impact

Biobased PureTemp belongs to the only category of phase change materials that are considered to be readily biodegradable. PureTemp PCMs will fully decompose within months of being introduced into the environment and will not produce long-term negative impacts on the environment. This dramatically simplifies risk mitigation in the event of a spill.

Our customers and partners are committed to creating effective applications. As the global authority on phase change material, Entropy Solutions is committed to providing all the information needed to make that happen.

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