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Entropy Solutions announces the Greenbox Pallet Shipper


With 16 cubic feet of payload capacity, the Pallet Shipper maintains temperature for more than five days and can be reused more than 250 times.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota — Entropy Solutions, Inc., a thermal technology development company, today announced the next innovation in its Greenbox® line of temperature-controlled shipping products. The Greenbox Pallet Shipper combines the power of Entropy’s patented, bio-based PureTemp® phase change technology with sheer size, designed to ship 16 cubic feet of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals or biologics.

This passive Pallet Shipper maintains temperature for more than five days, giving life science customers assurance their product will arrive at its destination at the perfect temperature. It’s also reusable more than 250 times per Pallet Shipper – that means one Pallet Shipper, over its lifespan, is equal to 83 traditional, cardboard shippers which claim three-time use. Reusability saves customers money, but perhaps more importantly saves the environment from excess packaging waste. 

“Since the launch of our Greenbox Thermal Management System, customers have continually requested that we take our innovative technology and design to a larger scale. Until now there have been very limited choices when it comes to shipping large quantities of temperature-sensitive goods – either traditional cardboard/gel pack shippers or expensive aluminum ones. With our Greenbox Pallet Shipper, we are able to provide them durability and longevity while being extremely cost effective,” said Eric Lindquist, president of Entropy Solutions. “Our testing proves the Pallet Shipper will always stand up to all extreme ambient temperature conditions – whether shipping in the heat of summer or the cold of winter, our PureTemp phase change material maintains the perfect temperature every time.” 

The Pallet Shipper also is:
  • Designed for single-person assembly in less than five minutes
  • Stackable two-high for shipping efficiency
  • One size fits all, no matter the protection temperature requirement 
  • Designed for single, multi-season pack out
  • Collapsible for easy storage 
The Pallet Shipper is available for the following temperature requirements:
  • Refrigerated: 2°C to 8°C 
  • Controlled room temp: 20°C to 25°C 
  • Frozen: -24°C to -18°C 
  • Deep frozen: below -30°C 
To learn more about the Greenbox Pallet Shipper, please visit

About Entropy Solutions, Inc. 

Entropy Solutions, Inc. is a thermal technology development company with its global headquarters based in Minneapolis. The company’s mission is to provide renewable, innovative, cost-effective, temperature-controlled solutions for the shipping, construction, textile, healthcare and alternative energy industries. Entropy Solutions’ Greenbox technology is an innovative and next-generation passive thermal breakthrough in highly efficient shipping containers, intended for cold chain operations. Using Entropy’s PureTempTM phase change technology, Greenbox is capable of maintaining narrow temperature ranges for record durations, while reducing packaging waste. For more on Entropy Solutions or PureTemp, please visit For more on Greenbox, please visit