Entropy Solutions develops shape-stabilized versions of 2 PureTemp PCMs03-Aug-2016

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Entropy Solutions joins RAL Quality Association PCM12-Jan-2016

The international group, formed in 2004, promotes the use of high-quality phase change material and ..

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DSC sample preparation

14-Jan-2015 Proper sample preparation is critical to obtaining accurate DSC measurements. Here is Entropy Solution’s standard procedure for preparing samples.

Tzero press at Entropy Solutions lab
  1. Tare the scale.
  2. Place one Tzero hermetic lid and one Tzero pan on the balance.
  3. Close the balance door and wait until the balance stabilizes before recording the weight.
  4. If the sample is liquid, place one drop (~3-6 mg) of sample in the pan using a disposable Pasteur pipette. If the sample is solid, place a ~3-6 mg sample of the solid in the pan.
  5. Using tweezers, place the pan in the blue Tzero hermetic lower die and put the die into the Tzero press (shown here).
  6. Place the lid on top of the pan with a concave up orientation.
  7. Place the blue Tzero hermetic upper die in the hole above the lower die. If the upper die can spin in place and not move up or down, it is secure. 
  8. Press down the handle of the Tzero press to seal the pan and lid together.
  9. Weigh the sealed DSC pan and subtract the weight of the original pan and lid in order to accurately weigh the sample.
  10. Place the sealed DSC pan in the desired pan number in the DSC Q2000 auto sampler.

Heather M. Watson, Ph.D.
Manager, Analytical Services

Dr. Watson oversees key analytical laboratory testing of all manufactured lots and developed the lab methods and procedures associated with Entropy Solutions ISO 9001 quality management system. Dr. Watson has expertise with a number of advanced analytical techniques including differential scanning calorimetry and mass spectrometry.

DSC sample preparation DSC sample preparation (280 KB)

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