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Research roundup: Expanded graphite composites; thermal conductivity inside a sphere; numerical prediction of PCM thermal storage

Ben Welter - Monday, October 05, 2015

Shape-stabilized phase change materials based on fatty acid eutectics/expanded graphite composites for thermal storage [Energy and Buildings]

Experimental study on melting/solidification and thermal conductivity enhancement of phase change material inside a sphere [International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer]

Form-stable LiNO3–NaNO3–KNO3–Ca(NO3)2/calcium silicate composite phase change material (PCM) for mid-low temperature thermal energy storage [Energy Conversion and Management]

Numerical Prediction of Thermal Storage Using Phase Change Material [Journal of Technology Innovations in Renewable Energy]

Encapsulation of Phase Change Material with Water-Absorbable Shell for Thermal Energy Storage [Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering]

Research roundup: PCM/CSP review; paraffin/vermiculite PCM for cement-based composites; shell-tube thermal energy storage

Ben Welter - Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Application of phase change materials for thermal energy storage in concentrated solar thermal power plants: A review to recent developments [Applied Energy]

Paraffin/expanded vermiculite composite phase change material as aggregate for developing lightweight thermal energy storage cement-based composites [Applied Energy]

Analysis of HTFs, PCMs and fins effects on the thermal performance of shell–tube thermal energy storage units [Solar Energy]

Research roundup: Economic analysis of CSP/TES systems; copper fins; ice storage AC systems; paraffin/palygorskite composite PCMs

Ben Welter - Monday, September 28, 2015

Methods for Analyzing the Economic Value of Concentrating Solar Power with Thermal Energy Storage [NREL]

Heat Transfer Enhancement Through PCM Thermal Storage by Use of Copper Fins [Thermal Science]

Optimal Energy Reduction Schedules for Ice Storage Air-Conditioning Systems [Energies]

Paraffin/palygorskite composite phase change materials for thermal energy storage [Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells]

Research roundup: Complex roof with PCM; diatomite-based nanocomposites; seasonal TES; more

Ben Welter - Thursday, September 03, 2015

Experimental investigation on a complex roof incorporating phase-change material [Energy and Buildings]

Application of PCM energy storage in combination with night ventilation for space cooling [Applied Energy]

Solar Water Distillation Using Three Different Phase Change Materials [Materials Today]

Easy and industrially applicable impregnation process for preparation of diatomite-based phase change material nanocomposites for thermal energy storage [Applied Thermal Engineering]

A Review of Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage Systems [Applied Mechanics and Materials]

Performance of Latent Heat Solar Thermal Energy Storage System Using Various Heat Transfer Fluids [Applied Mechanics and Materials]

Financial analysis of an installed small scale seasonal thermal energy store [Renewable Energy]

Temperature control of permanent-magnet synchronous motor using phase change material [Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics]

Calorimetric and Dynamic Mechanical Behavior of Phase Change Materials Based on Paraffin Wax Supported by Expanded Graphite [Thermochimica Acta]

3 webinars worth a look: Vetting building materials, understanding DSC and measuring thermal conductivity

Ben Welter - Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Three on-demand webinars might be of interest to Phase Change Matters readers:

"Deep Material Vetting," offered through the U.S. Green Building Council, is aimed at designers struggling to find detailed toxicity data on building components. Instructors Chris Lee and Scott Kelly of Re:Vision Architecture share their "no-more-tears research strategies and time-saving workflows." Continuing education units are available: 1 GBCI CE hour, 1 AIA LU/HSW, 1 LFA hour. $45.

"Differential scanning calorimetry," offered by Mettler-Toledo International, explains the basic principles of DSC. For visual learners, it's a good companion to "Understanding the differential scanning calorimetry of PCMs." Free, but registration is required. 

"Enhancing Phase Change Materials," sponsored by C-Therm Technologies, takes a look thermal characterization tools. The presentation focuses on a South Korean study which found that adding exfoliated graphene nanoplatelets to phase change material can increase a PCM's thermal conductivity. Free, but registration is required. 

Research roundup: PCM in asphalt pavement; TES with sodium acetate trihydrate; facile synthesis of PEG-based PCM

Ben Welter - Tuesday, September 01, 2015

The mechanism of different thermoregulation types of composite shape-stabilized phase change materials used in asphalt pavement [Construction and Building Materials]

Long term thermal energy storage with stable supercooled sodium acetate trihydrate [Applied Thermal Engineering]

Facile synthesis of PEG based shape-stabilized phase change materials and their photo-thermal energy conversion [Applied Thermal Engineering]

Research roundup: New device for characterizing PCMs; graphene paraffin nanocomposites; kaolinite-stabilized PCMs; more

Ben Welter - Friday, August 14, 2015

A new experimental device and inverse method to characterize thermal properties of composite phase change materials [Composite Structures]

Thermal properties measurement and heat storage analysis of paraffin-nanoparticles composites phase change material: comparison and optimization [Applied Thermal Engineering]

Molecular-dynamics calculation of the thermal conduction in phase change materials of graphene paraffin nanocomposites [International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer]

Kaolinite stabilized paraffin composite phase change materials for thermal energy storage [Applied Clay Science]

Energy efficient bio-based PCM with silica fume composites to apply in concrete for energy saving in buildings [Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells]