How PureTemp works

On cool days, you pull on a jacket to stay warm. Within a few minutes of activity, you might find yourself a bit too warm. You unzip the jacket to cool off and after a few minutes feel a chill that prompts you to zip up again. And the too-warm, too-cool cycle begins anew.

PureTemp temperature control technology stops the cycle, providing you with continuous temperature control. In short: PureTemp keeps you in your comfort zone.

As a phase change material solidifies, it releases a large amount of energy in the form of latent heat at a relatively constant temperature. Conversely, when such material melts, it absorbs a large amount of heat from the environment. PCMs recharge as ambient temperatures fluctuate, making them ideal for a variety of everyday applications that require temperature control.

PureTemp coated fabrics interact with your body and clothing to create a unique microclimate in hot or cold environments. This technology continuously stores and releases energy, helping to balance and maintain desirable temperatures in all climates.

Here's what PureTemp coated fabric looks like under a scanning electron microscope. Proprietary processes are used to enclose PureTemp phase change material in spherical microcapsules and bind them to the surface of the fabric. Our textile coating ensures the PureTemp microcapsules remain attached to the fibers to provide lasting thermal comfort.