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An inside look at U.S. Patent 8955763

Ben Welter - Wednesday, August 26, 2015

In an interview with Real Estate Weekly, Goldman Copeland CEO Charlie Copeland talks about the simple idea behind U.S. Patent 8955763, "Building heating system and method of operation," first filed on Oct. 4, 2007, and granted on Feb. 17, 2015: 

Charles Copeland, PE, LEED AP"To limit steam demand, Con Edison implemented a peak winter steam demand charge, much as it does for electricity. However, the utility was required to offer customers strategies to mitigate these high demand charges.

"Con Edison approached [Goldman Copeland], which had years of experience pioneering energy solutions and was known for its innovative thinking, to devise a way to reduce peak steam demand.

"Copeland recalled that the “aha! momentĖ® came after several different approaches had been considered.

"One day, while he was reviewing options and drawing on his experience with older buildings, he said, 'The idea came to me. There is a reservoir of water already in the perimeter systems (induction and fan coil unit) that could be used to store thermal energy in advance of the 8 to 11 am peak usage time, thereby requiring less steam during those peak hours.' ”


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