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Sunamp joins RAL Quality Association PCM

Ben Welter - Monday, February 13, 2017

Sunamp Ltd. of Scotland has joined the RAL Quality Association PCM, a European-based organization established in 2004 to develop standards for the phase change material industry. 

"Sunamp is delighted to join RAL PCM, the world's leading quality association for phase change materials," said Sunamp CEO Andrew Bissell. "We have extremely stable and long-lived, high energy density PCM that we deliver in high-power heat batteries. We look forward to working with RAL PCM and the other members to further develop PCM and Heat Battery standards, and to have our products certified."

RAL PCM has two key objectives: Promote the use of high-quality PCMs and influence the political landscape in the European Union in favor of PCMs. Other RAL members are Croda, BASF, Rubitherm, EMCO, va-Q-tec, PCM Technology, Global Energy Systems Europe, Sasol, Pluss Advanced Technologies and Entropy Solutions.


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