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Research roundup: Nano-enhanced PCM in square cavity; TES retrofits; storage panel based on capillary network; more

Ben Welter - Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Simulation of melting of a nano-enhanced phase change material (NePCM) in a square cavity with two heat source–sink pairs [Alexandria Engineering Journal]

PCM-based High-density Thermal Storage Systems for Residential and Small Commercial Retrofit Applications [Procedia Engineering]

Review of Phase Change Materials Integrated in Building Walls for Energy Saving [Procedia Engineering]

Simulation on Phase Change Thermal Storage Panel Based on Capillary Network [Procedia Engineering]

Applicability of TES-BCHP System Based on the Degree of Mismatch between User Load Demands and Energy Supply [Procedia Engineering]

Study on Mathematical Model of the Coupling Operation of Solar Wind and the Phase Change Energy Storage [Procedia Engineering]

Research on Indoor Thermal Environment Improvement of Lightweight Building Integrated with Phase Change Material under Different Climate Conditions [Procedia Engineering]

Estimating the Adaptability of Phase Change Material Board on Building Envelope of Telecommunications Base Stations [Procedia Engineering]

Study on Encapsulation of Energy Storage Material in Northern Rural Residential [Procedia Engineering]


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