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Research roundup: Polyvinyl alcohol foams; radially finned thermal storage unit; close-contact melting modeling; more

Ben Welter - Thursday, September 24, 2015

Heat Storage and Dimensional Stability of Poly(vinyl alcohol) Based Foams Containing Microencapsulated Phase Change Materials [Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research]

Experimental Investigation of Encapsulated Phase Change Materials for Thermal Energy Storage [University of South Florida, Ph.D. dissertation]

Modeling of Constrained Melting in a Radially Finned Latent Thermal Energy Storage Unit [Advances in Computational Heat Transfer]

Modelling and optimization of CHP based district heating system with renewable energy production and energy storage [Applied Energy]

Molecular dynamics simulation of the domain size effect on the values of thermal conductivity of long chain n-alkanes [Advances in Computational Heat Transfer]

Investigation of Various Options for Numerical Modeling of Fluidized Beds for a Solar Thermal Application [Advances in Computational Heat Transfer]

Close-Contact Melting Modeling Combined with the Enthalpy Method [Advances in Computational Heat Transfer]


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