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Research roundup: Carbonized wood-based composite; inclined photovoltaic system; nanoparticle-enriched PCM; more

Ben Welter - Monday, July 02, 2018
From Energy:

Low-cost, three-dimension, high thermal conductivity, carbonized wood-based composite phase change materials for thermal energy storage
Coupled Cooling Method for Multiple Latent Heat Thermal Storage Devices Combined with Pre-cooling of Envelope: Model Development and Operation Optimization
Latent and sensible heat analysis of PCM incorporated in a brick for cold and hot climatic conditions, utilizing computational fluid dynamics

From International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer:

Study on a PEG/epoxy shape-stabilized phase change material: Preparation, thermal properties and thermal storage performance

From Journal of Cleaner Production:

Research on the Application of Phase-change Heat Storage in Centralized Solar Hot Water System

From Applied Thermal Engineering:

Numerical study of an inclined photovoltaic system coupled with phase change material under various operating conditions

From Solar Energy:

Effect of MOF derived hierarchical Co3O4/expanded graphite on thermal performance of stearic acid phase change material
Numerical analysis of a new thermal energy storage system using phase change materials for direct steam parabolic trough solar power plants

From Applied Energy:

Cyclic performance of cascaded and multi-layered solid-PCM shell-and-tube thermal energy storage systems: A case study of the 19.9 MWe Gemasolar CSP plant

From Journal of Energy Storage:

Experimental investigation of transient melting and heat transfer behavior of nanoparticle-enriched PCM in a rectangular enclosure

From Desalination:

Theoretical study on the performance of a solar still system integrated with PCM-PV module for sustainable water and power generation

From Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells:

Graphene Aerogels Enhanced Phase Change Materials prepared by one-pot method with high thermal conductivity and large latent energy storage
Facile approach to improve solar thermal energy storage efficiency using encapsulated sugar alcohol based phase change material


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