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Research roundup: Liquid D-mannitol heat transfer; mesoporous silica sphere; lithium-ion battery cooling; more

Ben Welter - Monday, August 08, 2016

Transient natural convection heat transfer of liquid D-mannitol on a horizontal cylinder [Renewable Energy]

Recent progresses and achievements in photovoltaic-phase change material technology: A review with special treatment on photovoltaic thermal-phase change material systems [Energy Conversion and Management]

Radial-like mesoporous silica sphere: A promising new candidate of supporting material for storage of low-, middle-, and high-temperature heat [Energy]

Thermal optimization of composite phase change material/ expanded graphite for Li-ion battery thermal management [Applied Thermal Engineering]

Cooling Li-ion batteries of racing solar car by using multiple phase change materials [Applied Thermal Engineering]

The flammability of aerogel and PCM coated cotton fabric for firefighter's garment [Textile Bioengineering and lnformatics Society]

Polyvinyl Alcohol-salt Hydrate Mixtures as Passive Thermal Energy Storage Systems [Energy Procedia]

Transient cooling effect analyses for a permanent-magnet synchronous motor with phase-change-material packaging [Applied Thermal Engineering]


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