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Research roundup: Thermocline sensitivity analysis; solar district heating; d-mannitol stability; more

Ben Welter - Sunday, August 07, 2016

Sensitivity analysis for thermocline thermal storage tank design [Renewable Energy]

Solar district heating systems for small districts with medium scale seasonal thermal energy stores [pdf] [Energy Procedia]

Natural convection heat transfer of molten salt in a single energy storage tank [Science China Technological Sciences]

Assessing the Thermal Performance of Phase Change Material in a Photovoltaic/Thermal System [Energy Procedia]

Stability of D-mannitol upon Melting/Freezing Cycles under Controlled Inert Atmosphere [Energy Procedia]

Numerical simulation on heat transfer enhancement of phase change thermal storage devices for low-middle temperature [Advanced Materials]

Experimental Research of a Partition Composed of Two Layers of Different Types of PCM [Energy Procedia]

Research on Solar Heating System with Phase Change Thermal Energy Storage [Energy Procedia]

Process Steam and Chilled Water Production with CPC-collectors, Steam Jet Ejector Chiller and Latent Heat Storages [Energy Procedia]


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