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Research roundup: Thermal inertia of PCM envelopes; heating system with PCM plate heat exchanger; n-eicosane-filled microcapsules; more

Ben Welter - Monday, April 11, 2016

Indicators evaluating thermal inertia performance of envelopes with phase change material [Energy and Buildings]

Thermal performance of a heating system working with a PCM plate heat exchanger and comparison with a water tank [Energy and Buildings]

Preparation and thermal energy storage studies of CH3COONa·3H2O-KCl composites salt system with enhanced phase change performance [Applied Thermal Engineering]

Discharging process of a finned heat pipe–assisted thermal energy storage system with high temperature phase change material [Energy Conversion and Management]

Performance analysis of a innovative PCM-based device for Cold Storage in the Civil Air Conditioning [Energy and Buildings]

Thermal performance of latent heat storage: phase change material melting in horizontal tube applied to lightweight building envelopes [Composite Structures]

Properties of n-eicosane-filled microcapsules with different morphology. Phase Change Materials studied by positron spectroscopy and complementary methods [Materials Chemistry and Physics]

Development of graphite foam infiltrated with MgCl2 for a latent heat based thermal energy storage (LHTES) system [Renewable Energy]

Air–PCM heat exchanger for peak load management: Experimental and simulation [Solar Energy]

Melting and solidification of PCM enhanced by radial conductive fins and nanoparticles in cylindrical annulus [Energy Conversion and Management]

Preparation of palygorskite paraffin nanocomposite suitable for thermal energy storage [Applied Clay Science]

Effect of phase change material roof layer on cooling and heating loads of a residential building in Melbourne [Energy and Buildings]


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