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Prefab Carbon Positive House can be assembled in less than a day

Ben Welter - Thursday, November 12, 2015

ArchiBlox Carbon Positive House

ArchiBlox, an Australian design-build firm that specializes in prefab buildings, has designed a sustainable house that can be assembled in just six hours. 

"We call the house Carbon Positive, because we’re positively putting energy back into the grid," Bill McCorkell, owner and director of the Victoria-based company, said in an interview with The Fifth Estate. "This is due to the five solar panels mounted on the roof that produce electricity, and the fact that the house requires no mechanical cooling or heating.”

The 5-kilowatt-hour solar panels produce more than enough electricity to power the hot water system, LED lights and appliances. Excess electricity can be exported to the grid. 

The home features double-glazed windows and slideable living walls and roof to reduce sun penetration as needed. Phase change material in the ceiling absorbs daytime heat and releases it when the temperature falls below 18° Celsius. The price for the one-bedroom, one-bathroom standard model: $286,000 AUD.


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