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PronGO bag uses PCM-filled pouches to keep ice cream solid on hot days

Ben Welter - Friday, March 25, 2016

Afraid your ice cream will melt on the walk home from the supermarket or on the way to a summer picnic? Pluss Advanced Technologies of Gurgaon, India, has a solution: PronGO, an insulated bag designed to keep frozen food frozen for up to five hours in hot conditions.

Multilayered film pouches containing phase change material fit in pockets inside the 3-liter bag. The flat pouches are about 100mm by 150mm. The PCM temperature range is -10 to -18 degrees Celsius.

In an interview with Phase Change Matters, Vishnu Sasidharan, vice president of new product initiatives at Pluss, says the bag will be available on Amazon next month for about $39 USD. He says it’s the first product Pluss has designed for the retail market.

PronGO thermal bagPluss is planning to introduce versions designed for three other temperature ranges, using either salt hydrate or biobased PCMs, depending on temperature requirements:

• +2° to +8° C (dairy products, fruits and vegetables),
• -2° to -10° C (raw meat and sea food)
• +15° to +25° C (chocolates and confectionary)

A promotional video (above) advises users to chill the pouches a minimum of 36 hours in a freezer set to maximum cooling. Sasidharan says the PCM can solidify in as little as 12 hours in a household freezer compartment. The longer duration represents a “worst case scenario considering different models of refrigerator vary in performance.”


D Ravichandiran commented on 01-Oct-2016 04:06 AM

Can you tell me the pcm material that you have been used in the prongo bag .


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