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Patent application: Composition of microwavable phase change material

Ben Welter - Wednesday, October 28, 2015

U.S. patent application 20150274928 (inventors Samit Jain, Devendra Jain, Suman Kumari and Anil Kumar Mehta, India):

"The present invention provides a microwavable Phase Change Material and product thereof, particularly, the present invention relates to the field of microwave heating and use of microwave susceptor for providing heat to Phase Change Material. The invention provides a new process for preparing improved Phase Change Material which can be heated in a domestic microwave oven. The inventive composition comprises of a microwave susceptor which helps the Phase Change Material to melt within a few minutes depending upon the quantity of Phase Change Material taken. Microwave susceptor is at first uniformly mixed with some other material. The other material may be a highly conductive material, or a slow susceptor. Then this composite is incorporated in a Phase Change Material. This susceptor composite initiates uniform melting of Phase Change Material when exposed to microwave irradiation. This microwavable Phase Change Material is free of sparking, arcing and local overheating."


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