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Patent application: Pair of eye goggles

Ben Welter - Wednesday, July 25, 2018

U.S. patent application 20180200113 (applicant Alan N. Schwartz, Edmonds, Wash.):

Goggle patent drawing"A pair of eye goggles is described. A strap can be fit removably around a head. A nosepiece can be fit over the nose. A pair of eyepieces includes a transparent lens and a frame. An airtight and watertight skin interface is adapted to fit securely against the wearer's skin. A flex layer includes a seal that is at least one of airtight and watertight and which is structurally interposed between at least a portion of two or more of the skin, the nosepiece, the eyepieces, the transparent lens, the frame, and the skin interface. The flex layer includes a phase change material that is resiliently and elastically malleable. The flex layer is deformable such that at least one portion can transmute the magnitude of a force applied and can redirect the force in at least one direction. External forces acting are at least one of mitigated, transmuted, and isolated."


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