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Patent application: Mat with thermostatic layer between two layers of foam

Ben Welter - Wednesday, February 07, 2018

U.S. patent application 20180020842 (applicant SEDA Chemical Products Ltd., New Taipei City, Taiwan):

"A mat with a thermostatic layer between two layers of foam to reduce heat accumulation and the manufacturing process thereof, which includes a supporting foam layer, an air permeable foam layer, and the thermostatic layer; wherein the thermostatic layer lies on the top side of the supporting foam layer and includes phase change material (PCM) microcapsules and a bonding material; the air permeable foam layer has larger pores than the supporting foam layer, and has its bottom side attached to the thermostatic layer, and is thus bonded to the supporting foam layer via the bonding material. When a user lies on the air permeable foam layer, the user's body skin is not directly pressed against the PCM microcapsules, thereby allowing the PCM microcapsules to communicate with the ambient air through the pores in the air permeable foam layer and to dissipate heat rapidly for keeping the mat cool."


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