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Patent application: Air-permeable sponge composition with PCM

Ben Welter - Friday, January 11, 2019

U.S. patent application 20190010300 (applicant Xilinmen Furniture Co. Ltd., Zhejiang, China):

Xilinmen Furniture Co. patent drawing"An air-permeable sponge composition and a method for preparing an air-permeable sponge by using the same belong to the field of articles for daily use. An air-permeable sponge composition includes a sponge body and an air-permeable coating, and an outer surface layer of the sponge body being coated with the air-permeable coating. A method for making the air-permeable sponge utilizes the composition of the air-permeable sponge, wherein the air-permeable sponge is made from the air-permeable sponge composition under specific process parameters. The sponge body and air-permeable coating have the same or similar contents of isocyanate, polyether polyol and polymeric polyol and a similar porous structure. ... a phase change material is evenly distributed in the framework during the reactions to achieve a homogeneity."


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