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Outlast promises 'more transparency' on range of PCM applications at Techtextil trade show

Ben Welter - Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Outlast Technologies is seeding interest in its appearance at Techtextil, still two months away, with a flurry of Web reports promising "more transparency" at the big trade show in Frankfurt, Germany. 

The company, best known for its use of phase change materials in bedding and sportswear, says it will present "the complete PCM spectrum" at the May 4-7 show:

Coating: "A high loading can be reached. Nonwovens or knits serve as raw materials which are coated. The applications are wide: Looking at bedding mattresses and mattress protectors, pillows and duvets take profit of the dynamic climate regulation. Coated products are used for apparel/footwear and PPE from head to toe. This application is also interesting for medical products."

Outlast matrix infusion coatingMatrix infusion coating [right]: "An advanced formulation of Outlast® PCM is finely printed onto flat fabric. This process is ideal for brands seeking a larger volume program using their own fabrics. Outlast® MIC is intended for products worn next to skin and is perfect for the active, casual and sportswear markets."

Fibers: "This application is suited for products being worn next to skin (for example: underwear, socks, t-shirts, orthopedic products)."

Filling materials: "There are different Outlast® filling materials (based on viscose or polyester fibers), which can be used for bedding or apparel (for example jackets). They can be also blended with downs."

Compounds: "Here Outlast focuses on individual solutions for projects. If a customer already has special process technology available (for example a spraying equipment) the matching Outlast® compound can be used. The customer then produces his end product (for example: mattresses which are sprayed with the compound). With little investment the heat managing performance can be easily achieved."


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