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New map shows notable PCM building projects around the world

Ben Welter - Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Phase change materials have been improving energy efficiency in homes, schools, office buildings and cold-storage warehouses for more than a decade. Now, for the first time, makers of PCM products and systems can submit their signature projects for inclusion in a Google-based map. 

RAL PCM mapThe new map is maintained by the RAL Quality Association PCM, a European-based organization established in 2004 to develop standards for the PCM industry. Sunamp Ltd., Pluss Advanced Technologies, PCM Technology and other association members are among the early contributors to the map. PCM makers around the world are invited to submit their projects.

Stefan Thomann, the association’s managing director, explained the map's purpose.

"PCM products and systems can be used to efficiently regulate temperature and store energy in buildings," he said. "But the players who are active in this area frequently encounter the prejudice that it is a new technology that is still in its infancy. Well, it isn't. It is mature and fully developed and has proven its effectiveness numerous times.

"The map shows successful PCM installations around the world to make that point. It is only a start at this point in time, showing only a fraction of the installations, but it will be updated and extended continuously."

The map now lists information on more than 60 PCM installations. Some of the project descriptions are terse; others offer quite a bit of detail. The most useful listings include the building name, building type, project description, location, PCM application type, manufacturer name, product name, year of installation and a website where more information can be found. 

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