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Most-viewed blog posts of 2018: New coffee mug, new testing protocol

Ben Welter - Friday, December 21, 2018

News about a new coffee mug and a new way to measure the cooling capacity of PCM-enhanced fabrics tops the list of most-viewed Phase Change Matters blog posts in 2018:

1. ThermAvant's new coffee mug is designed to get the 'burn' out faster (Aug. 27)

2. Alexium says it's working to establish wide acceptance of new testing protocol  (June 8)

3. Fluorination process enhances barrier properties of HDPE (Jan 12)

Marxer Haus4. Inspired by nature, 'active energy building' takes wing in Liechtenstein (Feb. 8)

5. Patent application: Thermal battery with encapsulated PCM (Jan. 3)

6. Alexium International CEO Dirk Van Hyning resigns (June 1)

7. PCM heat-recycling system keeps tugboats ready for action (Jan. 19)

8. Phase change material ensures a hot shower from the start (April 20)

9. PCM-equipped heat exchanger designed for use in reefer trucks, cold rooms (Sept. 14)

10. Sunamp, Trina Solar sign deal to combine thermal batteries with heat pumps (Nov. 5)

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10. South Korea

Illustrating the breadth of interest in phase change material, each dot on the map below represents a city that generated one or more visits to in 2018.


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