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Hershey Co. seeks better way to ship chocolate at ideal temperature

Ben Welter - Monday, January 25, 2016

Every chocolate lover knows: Extreme heat and cold can ruin a perfectly delicious chocolate bar. The Hershey Co. is sponsoring a contest to develop a lightweight shipping system that will keep chocolate close to the temperature at which it was packed, 24° Celsius (75°F) or below, for at least 48 hours. The goal is to develop a system inexpensive enough to use year round as part of the standard packaging for small parcel shipments.

The contest represents an opportunity to become a collaborator/supplier to Hershey. In the first round of the competition, up to five groups will be selected to provide prototypes of their technologies. The group submitting the top-ranked prototype will receive $25,000 in additional development funds.

Successful technologies will:

• Maintain packaged chocolate temperatures at or below 75°F for 48-72 hours
• Be less than three years from commercialization
• Operate without pre-freezing of components
• Prevent chocolate from freezing
• Contain materials approved for food contact
• Contain chemical components that are generally regarded as safe
• Be adaptable to different-size shipments
• Have a price point that is compatible with consumer shipments of chocolate candy bars
• Be comparable or less in size and weight with current cold shipping systems

Entries are due Feb. 15, 2016.


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