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Patent application: Heat storage system and method for charging and discharging

Ben Welter - Tuesday, September 01, 2015

U.S. patent application 20150241135 (applicant Abengoa Solar New Technologies, Spain):

"Thermal storage system and its charging and discharging process using a heat-transfer fluid. The system includes a phase change storage material contained in a casing that is penetrated by heat exchanger tubes, preferably vertical ones, connected at their lower end with at least one lower chamber via lower sub-chambers which include a series of injectors for enabling the heat-transfer fluid to be inserted in gas form; at the upper end, these tubes connect via upper sub-chambers with at least one upper chamber which in turn is connected to a boiler from which downpipes extend via which heat-transfer fluid in liquid form circulates, located outside of the casing, connecting the aforementioned boiler to the lower chamber, which enables the natural circulation of the heat-transfer fluid within the system."


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