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Deloitte's high-tech HQ knows when espresso machines need refilling, which toilets need cleaning

Ben Welter - Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Edge, Amsterdam

We first blogged about the Edge, Deloitte’s new headquarters in Amsterdam, in December. The 430,000-square-foot building, designed by PLP Architecture of London, had just won BREEAM certification as the world’s most-sustainable building. As you might expect, it's packed with high-tech, energy-efficient features, including an aquifer thermal energy storage unit 500 feet below ground that helps generate all energy required for heating and cooling.

But it's way cooler – and perhaps a bit creepier – than we could have imagined. Fast Company finds out what a building bristling with 40,000 sensors can do with all that data:

"With big data, we suddenly had the ability to completely understand how people use the building," says [Coen] van Oostrom [CEO of OVG Real Estate, the building's developer]. "We can do things that we didn't expect when we started. A cleaning lady who works in this building now has a heat map on her smartphone telling her what toilets have been used and what toilets have not been used."


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