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Off-peak pricing still drives TES, but energy savings can be 'significant benefit'

Ben Welter - Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Want to pitch your thermal energy storage system to a customer? Dan Mizesko, managing partner at U.S. Chiller Services International in Dubai, says the project's success is unlikely unless three or more of these conditions are true:

• Electricity energy charges vary significantly during the course of a day.
• Electricity demand charges are high or ratcheted.
• The average cooling load is significantly less than the peak cooling load.
• The electric utility offers other incentives (besides the rate structure) for installing TES.
• An existing cooling system is expanded.
• There is new construction.
• Older cooling equipment needs replacing.

"Historically, the driving force for developing TES has been reduction of on-peak electric demand and the corresponding reduction of electricity costs," Mizesko writes in Climate Control Middle East magazine. "While this is still important, and may be the most significant factor affecting application, cost-effectiveness and energy savings are possible, and can be a significant benefit when the entire cooling system, and not just the storage media and vessel are considered."


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