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CIC Energigune seeks post-doctoral researchers to work on macroscopic physical modeling, thermal energy storage

Ben Welter - Wednesday, April 15, 2015

CIC Energigune, an energy research center in Spain's Basque Country, has openings for two post-doctoral researchers in its thermal energy storage group. The group is working to identify innovative heat storage solutions through the development of new materials and designs. According to the job posting:

"The detailed analysis of the interstitial flow of different fluids (air, CO2, molten salt etc.) through the packed bed of different solid materials (Steel slag, concrete, Zirconia, Alumina etc.) will represent the core activities of the research. ... In addition, the research could also be completed with the modeling of alternative thermal energy storage concepts based on different heat storage methodologies such as latent heat storage using phase change materials or sensible heat storage by means of fluidized bed solutions."


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