Greening the cold chain

Temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals are vulnerable to thermal damage during shipment, especially when extreme climates are involved. Entropy Solutions developed the Greenbox packaging system to ensure safe transportation of these products. The key component: PureTemp, a biobased phase change material engineered to maintain payloads at a variety of narrow temperature ranges for up to five days without electrical power. Read more

Photo: Greenbox’s outer layer of corrugated plastic is durable, reusable and recyclable. Thermal-Lok outer insulation utilizes nanotechnology to significantly limit the transfer of thermal energy, hot or cold. Panels containing PureTemp PCMs surround the payload and keep it at the proper temperature.

Phase Change Matters

L.A. airport opens new central utilities plant

The $438 million facility includes a 1.5-million-gallon thermal energy storage tank and a 8.4 MW cogeneration plant consisting of gas-turbine-driven generators. Read more

Video: How phase change material works.

Technical Papers

Commissioning chilled water TES systems

Chilled water thermal energy storage systems should be as simple as possible. The success of a project depends on documenting and continually evaluating the owner’s project requirements. Read more