Cool Vest

A mighty cool vest

Firefighters, soldiers and athletes have at least one hazard in common: In warmer climates, they often find themselves at the mercy of extreme heat. Hot environments can sap energy, inhibit mental clarity, hinder performance and cause serious health problems, including dehydration and heat stroke. The solution: Glacier Tek’s Cool Vest, powered by PureTemp. Read more

Photo: The Original Cool Vest maintains a comfortable 59° F for up to 2½ hours in 100° F heat and recharges in minutes.

Phase Change Matters

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Here's how phase change material works.

Technical Papers

What’s the impact of new labeling standards?

Makers of phase change material are required to follow the new GHS standards and must accurately report hazards associated with their products. Here's some background on the Global Harmonized System and a look at how it's affecting the PCM industry. Read more