A fresh take on macroencapsulation

Entropy Solutions now offers PureTemp phase change material in encapsulated form. Seven new patent-pending containment devices – BlockVesl, MacroVesl, MicroVesl, MatVesl, TubeVesl, CanVesl and PackVesl – come in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes suited to a wide range of applications. Read more

Photo: The 305mm-diameter MacroVesl is a multi-chambered, high-capacity sphere with more than 24,600 square centimeters of surface area. That’s more than 16 times the surface area of a typical sphere of the same diameter. It is suited to a wide range of applications, including air conditioning, heat recovery and thermal energy storage.

Success Stories

Bio-based PureTemp
powers the Greenbox

Entropy Solutions developed the Greenbox packaging system to ensure safe transportation of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals. Read more

Video: How phase change material works.

Technical Papers

Thermal conductivity: Here's why it matters

Increased thermal conductivity allows for a faster rate of heat transfer in phase change material, reducing the time required for the PCM to undergo a complete charge or discharge. Read more