Cool Vest

Introducing PureTemp coated fabrics

PureTemp has developed a fabric coating engineered to provide an effective buffer against ambient temperature swings in consumer products such as jackets, pillows and running shoes. Microencapsulated phase change material in the coating interacts continuously with the unique microclimate of the human body, storing and releasing energy to balance body temperature and increase comfort. Read more

Photo: PureTemp honeycomb pattern coatings are available in a variety of knit, woven, nonwoven and cotton materials.

Technical Papers

Thermal conductivity: Here's why it matters

Increased thermal conductivity allows for a faster rate of heat transfer in phase change material, reducing the time required for the PCM to undergo a complete charge or discharge. Read more


Here's how phase change material works.

Success Stories

No refrigeration?
No problem

The PureTemp-powered Cold Box, a reusable container that keeps food at a safe temperature for hours, is used to deliver food to kids in underserved neighborhoods as part of PepsiCo’s Food for Good program. Read more