Cool Vest

A mighty cool vest

Construction workers, soldiers and athletes have at least one hazard in common: In warmer climates, they often find themselves at the mercy of extreme heat. Hot environments can sap energy, inhibit mental clarity, hinder performance and cause serious health problems, including dehydration and heat stroke. The solution: Glacier Tek’s Cool Vest, powered by PureTemp. Read more

Photo: The Original Cool Vest maintains a comfortable 59° F for up to 2½ hours in 100° F heat and recharges in as little as 20 minutes.


PureTemp is available in encapsulated form

MatVesl, BlockVesl, MacroVesl and TubeVesl are suited to a wide range of applications. Their enhanced surface-area-to-mass ratio means faster energy exchange and optimal performance of the PCMs inside. Read more

Video: How phase change material works.

Technical Papers

Thermal conductivity: Here's why it matters

Increased thermal conductivity allows for a faster rate of heat transfer in phase change material, reducing the time required for the PCM to undergo a complete charge or discharge. Read more