Food for Good program participants

Meals on wheels

PepsiCo established the Food for Good program in 2009 to deliver meals to kids in underserved neighborhoods during the summer. But the expense of refrigerated trucks limited the program’s reach. In 2010, PepsiCo began working with Entropy Solutions to find a solution. Together they created the Cold Box, an inexpensive and reusable container that keeps food at a safe temperature for hours without refrigeration. It’s powered by PureTemp. Read more

Photo: The first Cold Boxes were field-tested in 2011. It performed well in record heat that summer, and its use has expanded each year since. - courtesy PepsiCo Food for Good

Company News

PureTemp earns a spot in materials library

PureTemp PCMs have been accepted for display at Material ConneXion's flagship library in New York. Each month, an independent jury selects new materials and processes to add to the collection of more than 7,500 "unique, innovative and sustainable” materials. Read more


Here's how phase change material works.

Technical Papers

What’s the impact of new labeling standards?

Makers of phase change material are required to follow the new GHS standards and must accurately report hazards associated with their products. Here's some background on the Global Harmonized System and a look at how it's affecting the PCM industry. Read more