Greening the cold chain

Temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals are vulnerable to thermal damage during shipment, especially when extreme climates are involved. Entropy Solutions developed the Greenbox packaging system to ensure safe transportation of these products. The key component: PureTemp, a biobased phase change material engineered to maintain payloads at a variety of narrow temperature ranges for up to five days without electrical power. Read more

Photo: Greenbox’s outer layer of corrugated plastic is durable, reusable and recyclable. Thermal-Lok outer insulation utilizes nanotechnology to significantly limit the transfer of thermal energy, hot or cold. Panels containing PureTemp PCMs surround the payload and keep it at the proper temperature.

Phase Change Matters

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New on LinkedIn: You are invited to join the Phase Change Matters group, a place for PCM and TES experts and industry leaders from around the world to gather and share ideas. The first topic: PCMs and off-peak cooling systems. Read more


Everything you need
to know about PCMs

Phase change materials are designed to absorb, store and release thermal energy. They recharge as ambient temperatures fluctuate, making them ideal for a variety of everyday applications that require temperature control. Read more

Technical Papers

Biodegradability of phase change materials

Biobased PureTemp belongs to the only category of PCMs that are considered to be readily biodegradable. PureTemp will fully decompose within months of being introduced into a landfill and will not produce long-term negative impacts on the environment. Read more