Embrace infant warmer

Embracing a challenge

In 2007, graduate students in a class at Stanford University were asked to design a low-cost infant warmer to address the problem of infant mortality in the developing world. After years of research, prototyping and testing, the team had a solution: The life-saving Embrace infant warmer, powered by PureTemp 37. Read more

Photo: Nurses at a clinic in rural Uganda used an Embrace warmer to stabilize the temperature of Abina, who weighed only 4.1 pounds at birth. - courtesy Embrace Global

Phase Change Matters

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The Greenbox shipper, powered by PureTemp, landed a cameo on NBC sitcom.

Technical Papers

Thermal conductivity: Here's why it matters

Increased thermal conductivity allows for a faster rate of heat transfer in phase change material, reducing the time required for the PCM to undergo a complete charge or discharge. Read more