Cool Vest

A mighty cool vest

Firefighters, soldiers and athletes have at least one hazard in common: In warmer climates, they often find themselves at the mercy of extreme heat. Hot environments can sap energy, inhibit mental clarity, hinder performance and cause serious health problems, including dehydration and heat stroke. The solution: Glacier Tek’s Cool Vest, powered by PureTemp. Read more

Photo: The Original Cool Vest maintains a comfortable 59° F for up to 2½ hours in 100°F heat and recharges in minutes.

Phase Change Matters

TES training will focus on numerical modeling

Innostorage, an international research project aimed at reducing CO2 emissions through the use of low-cost thermal energy storage, is offering a session on numerical modeling in Lyon, France, in June. Read more

Video: Here's how Kinray uses ThermoSafe packaging powered by PureTemp to keep its pharmaceuticals in the optimum temperature range during shipping.

Technical Papers

Biodegradability of phase change materials

Biobased PureTemp belongs to the only category of PCMs that are considered to be readily biodegradable. PureTemp will fully decompose within months of being introduced into a landfill and will not produce long-term negative impacts on the environment. Read more